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Here are some examples of projects that use AntTweakBar.


Procedural content rendering

by Yonathan Klijnsma

This application generates procedural content in realtime using geometry shaders on the GPU. AntTweakBar is used to change properties of the meshes and the textures.


CUDA water simulation

by Wessel de Groot

This is a Gerstner & FFT water simulation running on CUDA. AntTweakBar is used to tweak input variables for the algorithm.


Online Racing Championship

by Ashley McConnell

The screenshots is from Online Racing Championship, an upcoming indie racing simulator with emphasis on physics and networking accuracy. Anttweakbar is currently used for outputting debug values to allow debugging of various features (such as tyre temperatures). It has also been used successfully to tweak a network spring/damper that helps in smoothing in ORC.



by Jay Dolan

Here are some screenshots of Quake2World free standalone first person shooter using AntTweakBar for graphical menus and the servers list.


Oddity Engine

by David Gallagher

The Oddity Engine is a DirectX 9.0c based, dll API style engine. While it has a vast array of features from Physx by nVidia to all you would expect in a DX9 engine, we have included a AntTweakBar wrapped up internally and available through the use of Oddity functions. Because we didn’t want to limit the engine by using an editor and understand the need for an easy to use intuitive gui, such as AntTweakBar, we included this great gui for the use of tweaking projects or making tools to benefit the editing pipeline while still allowing as much freedom as possible from the codeing perspective.

Life in a box

by Remi Tache

Life in a box is a demo that aims to showcase the power of shader programming. AntTweakBar is used to allow users tweaking the graphic settings and control the various visual effects.



by Rahul Budhiraja

SynthViewer is a PhotoSynth Navigation System/PhotoSynth Viewer which is used to browse the PhotoSynth Point Clouds using OpenGL. The PhotoSynths are downloaded using Open Source Tools and loaded with SynthViewer which allows the user to navigate through the Synth.



by Abdellatif Belkadar

FonSimul3D is a 3D program which illustrates and helps understand some mathematical notions like limits, tangent lines, surface of 2 variables functions, tangent plane, partial derivatives and their relation with the graph or the surface.


Retro Affect Engine

by David Carrigg

The Retro Affect Engine (RAE) is the in house engine being developed by Retro Affect Studios, initially being used for the game Snapshot. The engine uses AntTweakBar for the integrated level editor, allowing content creators to build levels faster and more easily.



by Evan Felix

Cview is a 3d graphics engine designed for displaying graphically represented cluster performance data. It also includes a data management library for representing groups of related data.

Project web page2010/07/15.

AntTweakBar python bindings

by Nicolas Rougier

atb provides python bindings (starting from atb-ctypes) for AntTweakBar. It has been tested on Linux and Mac OS Snow Leopard.


Neko Engine

by Fernando Silva

It’s a 3D/2D engine that uses LUA as the scripting system and Maya as the main level editor. In here we can see AntTweakBar being used as a test Debug Menu for the physics engine. Implementing AntTweakBar was a simple process and is a time saver.


MPUI: Motion Processing Unit Interface

by Ji-yong Kwon

This experimental program provides a wide variety of simple motion processing methods, (ex. transformation of root joints, DOF controlling, motion transition, inverse kinematics, and real-time motion generation with keyboard input like a 3D game) with an intuitive graphical node notation. With a few motion interactions for connecting the nodes, users can easily edit the input motion.

Technical paper2009/10/26.

GPU-based Volume Rendering

by Pierre Kraemer

Volume rendering application using different shading techniques on GPU like density accumulation or isosurface rendering (or both). AntTweakBar is used to interactively modify the shaders parameters.

Project web page. — 2009/08/23.

rFactor2 racing sim

by Joe Campana

This shot is from the upcoming racing sim rFactor2 from Image Space Incorporated, the follow up to rFactor. It shows our use of AntTweakBar to prototype atmospheric and weather visuals in our Viewer application. Experimenting with various numerical optimization techniques for surface remeshing.

Web page. — 2009/07/20.

Volumetric Billboards

by Philippe Decaudin

Volumetric Billboards extend the classic billboards technique used to render complex 3D objects in real-time without relying on their polygonal models. They offer full parallax effect of the objects from any viewing direction without popping artifact, along with improved anti-aliasing of distant objects. In our software, AntTweakBar is used to change the parameters of the rendering algorithm in real-time.

Project web page, Video. — 2009/06/28.

Geex (Graphics Environment for EXperiments)

by Bruno Levy

Experimenting with various numerical optimization techniques for surface remeshing.

Project web page. — 2009/06/06.

3D MRI volume editing

by Konstantin Levinski

AntTweakBar is used in our “3D MRI volume editing application” on a Mac for the Singapore General Hospital. The application allows to apply different interactive segmentation algorithms to MRI scans. Such algorithms tend to have a lot of different parameters and tweaking them with AntTweakBar is very efficient. Note: Konstantin managed to compile AntTweakBar on Mac OSX. The custom cursors code is reported as the only non-portable part.
Email. — 2008/05/29.

atb-ctypes python module

by Dunk Fordyce

Dunk Fordyce has implemented a python module for AntTweakBar.

Project web page. — 2008/04/12.

Rigid body editor

by Jeppe Fredsgaard Blaabjerg and his team

A rigid body editor created by a group of students studying game development at Aarhus University, Denmark. The editor allows to place particles interactively, bind them together with constraints and edit their properties.

Web pages: Group blog (with videos) — 2008/02/21.

Course on GPU programming and rendering techniques

by Carsten Dachsbacher

AntTweakBar is used for the lecture and exercises on GPU programming and algorithms at the University of Stuttgart. The screenshot shows the basic framework and the students use AntTweakBar to control the rendering algorithms that they implement. (The generator model is from the Crytek Polybump Previewer).


Warzone2100 utilities

  • Pie toaster:

A 3D model viewer/editor for warzone2100’s homebrew 3D format ‘pie’ using AntTweakBar as GUI.

forum. — 2007/09/30.

  • Wz stats tool:

A small utility written in C to edit warzone’s comma separated txt data files using AntTweakBar as GUI.

forum. — 2007/09/30.


by Casey Borders

TwOgre allows Ogre users to easily integrate the AntTweakBar GUI system into their games and 3D applications.

Web pages: forum. — 2007/04/12.

Thomson 8-bit machine emulator

by Daniel Coulom

These screenshots are from Thomson 8-bit micro-computer emulators for Windows, Linux and Mac-OS. DCTO8D is a Thomson TO8D emulator, and DCMO5 is Thomson MO5 emulator.

Web pages: dcto8, dcmoto. — 2006/12/11.

Global illumination, noise free renderer

by Lukasz Piwowar

This screen shows raytrace preview module. AntTweakBar is used for interactive parameter adjustment.

Project web page. — 2006/11/10.

APOCALYX 3D Engine: A free open source 3D game engine based on OpenGL

by Leonardo Boselli
The engine is completely programmable using scripts written in the Lua language. The features of the AntTweakbar library are wrapped in Lua functions, so the users of the engine can easily tweak the parameters of his demos (or use the GUI in other creative ways). The screenshots are taken from a demo that demonstrates at the same time the capabilities of AntTweakBar and of the particle system of the engine. AntTweakBar makes easier to set the parameters of the emitter. As you can see, the parameters are listed in the bar, while on the left you can see the final effect (smoke in one, snow in the other). Of course, there is a wide range of possibility and AntTweakBar makes testing a lot easier.
Project web page. — 2006/11/10.

ISEngine (Bug Hunt)

by Chris Freeman

The idea behind “Bug Hunt” is a cross between Dungeon Siege and Counter Strike. The idea is that servers retain player information, like a small scale MMOG. Currently in very early stages, using models from other games/sources.

Email. — 2006/11/10.

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