TwDefineEnumFromString (function)

TwType TwDefineEnumFromString(const char *name, const char *enumString)


This function is an alternative to TwDefineEnum. It creates a new TwType corresponding to a C/C++ enum. Thus the type could be used with TwAddVar* functions to control variables of type enum.

Here the enum values are defined by a string containing a comma-separated list of labels. The first label is associated to 0, the second to 1, etc.



Specify a name for the enum type (must be unique).


Comma-separated list of labels.

Return values

  • 0 if an error occurred (call TwGetLastError to retrieve the error).
  • 1 otherwise.


int density;
TwType densityType;
// Defining new enum type
densityType = TwDefineEnumFromString("DensityType", "Low,Medium,High");
// Adding density to bar
TwAddVarRW(bar, "Density", densityType, &density, NULL);

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